Friday, October 2, 2015

Rheumatology Appointments

With my rheumatoid arthritis trying to make a comeback in my life, I've found myself starting to track my daily symptoms once again. When I go to my next appointment with my rheumatologist, I want to be able to make the most out of my appointment. If I'm not experiencing the symptoms at the time or not taking the time to write down some notes, I forget everything! So, I'd love your feedback in learning how you do things so that I can improve my own visits and also to share in a project I'm doing with Joint Decisions.

How do you prepare for appointments so that you get the most out of your appointments with your rheumatologist?

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  1. Hi Cathy: Tracking symptoms is a great idea, but who has the time. The one thing that I do that seems to help is if/when I get a particularly swollen joint, I take a picture of it with my cell phone. That way I have something I can show my doctor when I get to the appointment.