Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Twitter Chat Tonight

Becoming a part of the RA community has definitely been a positive step in my RA journey. While I have often followed my own unique path, I have learned so much from everyone I have come in contact with the last eleven years. Plus, I have met some amazing people who I now consider to be great friends who motivate me to be my best with RA and life in general. Tonight, a fantastic team of bloggers and health care professionals will be joining CreakyJoints and Joint Decisions on Twitter Chat. (If this is your first time on a chat, it is actually a lot of fun!)  The theme is creating a strong health care team as well as gathering other supporters in your RA journey. It's a great way to share some of your own tips while also learning from others in the community. Lucky me!  I generally work on Tuesdays, but I am off tonight and can join too!  I hope to see your there. 

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