Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I find a certain satisfaction from mowing our lawn. My husband does not.  I experience that same feeling you get after you've deep cleaned the house. Plus, I like being outside. So, when my son became old enough that he lost interest in mowing, I took over a few years ago.

The first mow of the season is generally tough. My calves aren't used to pushing a machine uphill and since we don't have a self propelled lawn mower, it is a workout. Last season, I made it almost to the end of the season. But as the grass kept growing higher and higher, I had to admit the hip pain I was in was too much. I couldn't continue. My husband of course took over. It's hard to admit defeat.

Today though, I'm BACK!  I felt strong and pain free as I completed the first mow of the season!  As a bonus, it was warm enough for shorts. (Sorry, no pictures. Super white legs that need a mow themselves don't make for great photos). It feels amazing when you accomplish something that less than a year ago you had to give up on and let others do.

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