Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Changing Insurance While on a Biologic

Making the decision to go on a biologic was a tough one for me as I shared last week.  But once the decision was made, I have never looked back.  In fact, I have developed a little anxiety over the possibility of ever being without.  This fear unfortunately gets reflected on my husband since
he holds our insurance policy with his employer since I do not have benefits with mine as adjunct faculty. 

The last time my husband changed jobs I was completely off meds which meant I didn't have to worry about transferring meds, pre-approvals or how much insurance would cover for my pricey biologic. When I did start on a biologic in 2010, it was new to me, so whatever happened with insurance seemed right.  As I have talked with others, I now realize our insurance has been very generous with payment of my biologic.  But as my husband started to get the itch for a new employer, but anxiety took hold.  What if they don't pay as much? What if I am not approved? (Another anxiety is changing biologics when this one seems to work so well.)  I wanted my husband to find something that met his needs better, but also selfishly wanted him to just stay put because with the insurance we have now, I know what the deal is. 

Well, he has finally found a new job and it is amazing. During his first week, he has felt more supported and energetic than he has in a long time.  I love getting texts from him throughout the day telling me about another unexpected perk from his new employer. (The last one of the week was that this company buys "real" toilet paper, not the one-ply stuff that burns the butt. It's the little things, right?) This week we will be choosing our insurance and I'll begin the process of having my prescriptions transferred over.  I've talked with my rheumatologist which has made the process a little less scary and I am just trying to focus on the fact that everything else in this job is going so well so far, that the insurance will be great too.  I'll keep you updated but this week, please keep your fingers crossed for me and if you have any great advice for keeping the anxiety low or making the process easier, PLEASE share.