Monday, May 1, 2017

Self-Care with a Chronic Illness: Holding Each Other Accountable

"What are you doing for self-care?"
Is this a question you ever ask your friends and family, especially those dealing with a chronic illness? If not, it should be.

Self-care to me is taking a few minutes each day to do something that makes you close your eyes, smile, and appreciate how wonderful you really are.

My sister and I have had a tradition for years now of each and every morning sending two positives from the previous day and a goal for the present day. On occasion my goal will be to do something good for myself between classes. Later in the day my sister will text and ask what I have done good for myself. Honestly, up to the point in the day, I had forgotten I was going to be good to myself and by her asking, I felt I had to follow through with something....anything. We need to do more of this for each other. We need to hold each other accountable for taking a little time each day to be good to ourselves.

Let's be honest. Living with a health condition is not easy. We often live our lives full of guilt. Are we being a good wife/husband? A good mother/father? A good friend? Did we do our share of work today? Am I a burden to others?  So much guilt with so little time showing ourselves a little personal care.

Taking a small amount of time each day to breath should be a part of each and every day. During Arthritis Awareness Month, I would like to challenge you to do more self-care. And to help with this, each day of May I am going to share some very easy things you can do for yourself. I invite you to read and see if my ideas fit with who you are. They might not and that is fine, but maybe it will remind you of something else you like doing for yourself or it might just be a reminder that day to practice a little self-care.

Despite the pain that our bodies often experience, they are doing amazing things! YOU are doing amazing things. Take a little time each day and remind yourself of that. You deserve it! You really do!


  1. My positive thing today is reading your blog. Thanks for the smile on my face.

    1. I'm smiling from your comment. You are the best Rick.

  2. I love your tradition. Sometimes we think self care/love has to be something major but even taking a few minutes for calm meditation can make an incredible difference. Looking forward to your suggestions.