Monday, November 2, 2009

Body Ecology Diet Update

Our bodies are often compared to an onion that has many layers. In order to experience complete recovery of health problems we must peel away at each of the layers that have contributed to our unhealthy body. For me, that means that before I can experience freedom from joint pain and swelling, I must first work on other areas of my body ~ my colon, my digestion and my liver. The idea of working on other areas of my body instead of my joints has actually been liberating. I am not even focusing on whether or not my joints feel good because I know that they are the weakest part of me and in order for them to feel good, I have to strengthen other areas of my body first.

In the last few weeks I have experienced a lot of detox symptoms ~ body odor, bad breathe, fatigue, joint pain, and anger. Last week the anger was strong. In fact I even woke up feeling angry. I felt relief last night when I read that as the liver is cleansing a person may feel a lot of anger and should warn their family. Oops....too late for that. Also, as the liver is cleansing, expect knee pain. Yikes, that is happening too.

I am visualizing my body doing a lot of healing that can't be seen or felt right now except through detox symptoms. I am staying true to the diet and so far haven't slipped once. What keeps me from resisting foods off my list? Whenever I imagine really eating the food, I visualize it attacking my body and then it doesn't sound as good.

In the last few weeks I have continued to lose weight (12 pounds! Hopefully that levels off soon) and have had numerous complements on my skin. It seems to have a glow it hasn't had in some time! I am glad others are noticing! Our bodies do a lot of work for us and are able to handle so much that we throw at them. I am happy to be giving back to my body.


  1. So great to hear you feel your body do good things. I am very proud of you!!

  2. Body detoxification is important in order to maximize our energy and to avoid frequent illness, fatigues, pains, depression and loss of concentration.
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  3. I had the anger too when I was detoxing! Have you heard of taking activated charcoal or bentonite clay to reduce the detox/die-off symptoms from the BED?