Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cooking to Heal

The Body Ecology Diet foods build the immune system and nourish the body and spirit. They should be cooked with the intention to heal. A cook's vibrations are always in the food he or she cooks. Many spiritual leaders choose a spiritually elevated follower to cook for them. They know that only a well-balanced, centered person has the power to create meals with a harmonious and positive energy. Creating a meal can be an expression of love for those who will eat it. Whether you cook for yourself or for those you love, it's important to cook with the intention to heal, with calmness and appreciation for the benefits the food can bring. -Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates

Since the Body Ecology Diet requires that I make 100% of the foods I eat right now, it does take time. I don't mind. Over the years I have learned to appreciate being in the kitchen. I have learned that the food I make, even in its simplest form, is a gift I give my family. This way of thinking has brought great benefits to me. Since my children were very young, they have worked side by side with me in the kitchen chopping veggies, baking muffins, and cleaning the dishes. When you work together in the kitchen, wonderful things happen - you sing together, you laugh, you confide, and you talk. Yesterday was a day that Alexander, Sophia and I spent in the kitchen. First Alexander poked holes in six coconuts to drain the water for my coconut water kefir and then he cut each coconut so I could scrap the meat out and ferment it as well. Afterwards I cut cabbage, carrots, daikon, and kale so that it could start fermenting. Sophia came in to help by pounding the veggies to release their juices and then put the veggies in jars for me. Neither one had to be coaxed or bribed to help. I love that both of my children are not only supportive of me dealing with my rheumatoid arthritis through natural means, but that they lovingly help me prepare foods that are intended to heal my body. With so much love going into the foods I eat, I don't know how they can't be healing.