Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Won't Bring Home the "Perfect" Yard Award

Our yard is definitely not on the "Well Kept" list in the neighborhood. (Maybe they don't keep a list, I don't know) In fact, it is always in need of LOTS of work. When we moved in six years ago, Steve did so much work pulling out and cutting back trees that it seemed we would never need to do another thing again.

Every year I make new excuses to my friends and family as to why our yard is so out of control. "The weather has been terrible this year. There haven't been any good days to go out." "Things are so overgrown, I don't really even know where to start." This year my excuse (okay, this year was legitimate) was "I just haven't felt well." However, unless someone comes to my house, I never really think much about it. I love our yard. I love the trees and all the chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and insects that make it their home. I secretly take pride in not conforming to the perfect yard idea that many of my neighbors hold . But,the problem is, once visitors come or plan to come, I go into a panic, feeling like I am not fullfilling my homeowner responsibilities. I then get embarrassed and wonder why I haven' committed a day a week to yard work.

When I sit in the backyard in the swing, I do have dreams of things I would like to do in the backyard: a little pond, lots of different plants,a pathway, cute chairs, etc. However, I don't feel that my mind has worked it all out and that is another reason I am not putting the effort out yet. I know when the time comes to devote to the life I would like to give our yard, I will devote all the time necessary. Until then, I am going to just enjoy watching what the life that is already there feels like doing.