Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Girl

During the day, our two year old border collie Izzy belongs to me. She follows me from room to room, she naps with me, and she patiently waits for me to prepare her homemade raw food each day. However, once Dad gets home, she becomes a daddy's girl. The minute he walks in the door, she has a ball in her mouth knowing dad won't be able to resist her. She follows him around when he is eating because she knows he will share. Each night before going to sleep, she knows she will get to play the blanket game with dad. He wraps the blanket around his hands and she tries to catch his hand. She loves it. (I think he does too).

When we first brought Izzy home, she figured out pretty quick who the momma was. When the kids would wake up to hug me, she felt a little jealous and would jump the on the kids hoping to get some attention too. We finally broke her of that by giving her the job of waking the kids up and being the first to greet them and by having her sit in a "stay" position while they gave me morning hugs.

Now, things have changed. She is no longer bothered by the kids hugging me, but is very uncomfortable with Steve hugging me. At first I thought she was jealous of the attention he was getting from me. But no, she doesn't like that I am getting the attention when she could. She does everything she can to get in between us too. She jumps, she whines, she barks, and she will even lay on top of me. It is kind of funny really to see how she reacts, but I think we are going to have go back to doing some training when it comes to receiving hugs.