Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Plenty of Vitamin D

Spring has always been the most difficult season for flare-ups in my body. A good friend of mine who does LOTS of health related research suggested to me last year that a possible reason could be that by the time spring comes around, my Vitamin D storage has been depleted from the long winters here in Chicago. There is lots of information out there connecting RA inflammation and Vitamin D deficiency, including this article on Dr. Mercola's site. So, I took this information to the alternative practitioner I was seeing last summer and suggested I go on a Vitamin D supplement. So, with spring coming and me feeling better, I am hoping the Vitamin D contributed to this success.

Other ways I get Vitamin D:
*As a family we wear limited sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen contains lots of harmful chemicals to the body but also prevents Vitamin D from reaching the body.
*Expose my skin to early spring morning sunshine.
*Eat "pastured" eggs from trusted farmers. According to, "pastured" eggs contain three to six times as much Vitamin D as eggs raised in confinement.

How do you get your Vitamin D?