Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Active Week

This has been an active week for me. Besides walking Izzy, the kids and I have been bike riding and swimming everyday. I can't believe how much my knee likes the riding. When I first get on Contessa (my bike) my knee feels a little stiff, but within minutes I can feel the stiffness leaving and a good feeling taking its place. I wake up craving our bike rides.

Swimming this week has been a big deal for me because it was my goal this summer to get into the pool without feeling my joints tightening up. It has been great to get in and play with the kids. Yesterday they challenged me to swimming laps with them. It felt good to work my body to exhaustion. But, honestly I was surprised at how well the kids did. They would swim a lap and right away be ready for the next lap. Their endurance has improved a lot while I have been sitting on the sidelines.

I am happy with my week. It has felt full!