Friday, August 14, 2009

Acupuncture - Good Visit

My regularly scheduled two week acupuncture appointment was planned for Monday. However, I went in today. When I arrived, my acupuncturist was alarmed. He thought I was in a lot of pain since I changed my appointment. Not so. On Wednesday night I started having a little pain and stiffness in my knee and decided to get in before it became worse over the weekend. Good move Cathy!

My appointment was good. I shared with my acupuncturist Jim how great my week had been - walking, bike riding and swimming! We discussed how much the swelling has reduced in my knee and how far it still has to go. Jim reminded me of the importance of visualizing my knee healed and how much influence we have in our healing. Very valuable advice.

We also discussed that since my knee has been swollen for about two years, there is a chance it has calcified. I felt a little anxious discussing this issue because this issue has always made me nervous. However, I felt comforted that although there may be a little calcification that has happened, Jim feels that my knee will be about 90% of where it was before the swelling began and that I will be able to accomplish all the goals I have set for myself.

I view the discussion we had today as a good sign. When I was originally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, deformities and lack of movement were one of my major concerns. Then the pain and discomfort became my main concerns. So, I feel like going back to this being a concern is a sign to me that I am improving. My energy is no longer focused on the pain but instead is focusing more on what I can do physically now and in the near future. If it continues as it has been lately, my future looks good.