Sunday, October 11, 2009

Positive Energy from Gifts

When I initially entered the blogger world my own world seemed to be constantly changing and I wanted a place to share those changes without bombarding my family and friends through emails and phone calls. What I never imagined when I started blogging was that I would find unbelievable support and friendship from fellow bloggers. Since blogging I have found several blogger friends that I email with on a regular basis and feel a strong connection with their lives even though we have never personally met.

Recently I received a package from one of those blogger friends. Inside were four beautiful scarves - one for each of my family members and myself as well as a pair of fingerless knitted gloves. My body becomes painfully cold very easily, especially my hands, wrists and feet. Receiving gifts that warm my body are gifts that I cherish and warm my heart each time I put them one on because I know my blogger friend truly understands how cold feels to my body.

We are each enjoying our scarves. Sophia likes hers so much that she has even tried to convince Alexander to give up his so she has another color to add to her wardrobe! My mittens are kept in my purse so I can pull them out on walks, while shopping, when leaving work, on cold mornings at home or whenever I need them. What I really like is that since they are fingerless, I can wear them while shopping since walking in the freezer section can cause pain to my hands and I can even leave them on while paying! Also, if the house is cold I can wear them and type!

Thank you to my blogger friend (not sure if this friend wants to be named) for thinking of my family and me. Each time I put on my scarf (which I have had numerous positive comments) or my mittens, I feel a positive energy!