Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stunningly Beautiful Gray Hairs

I haven't touched on the topic of natural hair color (aka gray hairs) in a while, but wanted to share what happened today.

After coloring my hair for two years, I went totally natural - gray hairs and all. This look has felt comfortable for me. That is until a few weeks back when I saw my friend Arwen. Arwen, who went natural about the same time as me colored her hair and it looked beautiful. I see her several times a week now and with each visit I feel inspired to do something fun with my hair too.

Today after classes I looked in the mirror of my car and thought, "Maybe I should just do one of those temporary 30 day colors." Then I didn't think anything more about it and drove to Trader Joe's. As I made my way over to the produce department I noticed this stunningly beautiful woman. She was about my age but had a lot more gray hair. Like my grays, they are nice and shiny. I am embarrassed to say that I was mesmerized by her and found myself right behind her during my whole shopping trip. Finally I took the plunge, walked up to her and told her that her hair color was beautiful. She laughed and said, "Yeah, yours too." As we talked a while about hair color I found myself really checking her out. She had an attractive 40 something body, an adorable hair cut and absolutely no wrinkles on her face - not even laugh lines around the eyes, although she did look like someone who enjoys smiling. As I talked with her, I couldn't imagine any other hair color on her. It seemed to just fit her skin tone and eyes perfectly. She was absolutely beautiful.

Not all people like natural hair color, especially the gray hairs that show up before feeling ready for them, but looking at this woman today I realized that it is a look I like. Despite her many gray hairs she looked young and energetic. She was the perfect role model I needed today. Isn't life great that way?