Thursday, August 5, 2010

Calm and Relaxed

My sister Stacey left on Sunday morning. It was difficult for me to motivate myself to get out and walk Izzy by myself after 11 days of having a human walking partner. Her visit was wonderful and exactly what I needed in a vacation at home. We talked about my rheumatoid arthritis, but it wasn't the main topic of conversation as it often is when we get together on the telephone or in person. Why? One reason is overall I feel better. Second reason and most importantly to me is that after six and a half years of feeling uneasy about having rheumatoid arthritis and especially about the treatments available, I feel calm. I feel like I have explored a lot of different avenues and although there are tons more to explore, I have worked hard and now it is time to relax and not worry so much. Having finally come to this point with RA I didn't feel the need to talk nonstop about my feelings, fears, or next brilliant idea of calming my body. I feel calm and comfortable.

Highlights of our visit together:

I am absolutely in love with my two nephews.

Levi, 9, wearing the duct tape hat Alexander made for his birthday. Levi loved the idea of duct tape art and made purses for Stacey, Sophia and I, pen holders for Steve and David and a wizard hat for Alexander. I love how excited kids get about learning new things.

Leo, almost 7, at Legoland. Stacey and family did this one on their own.

After my appointment with the rheumatologist, Steve and I met Stacey, David, Leo, Levi, Alexander and Sophia in Chicago. They spent the day at John Hancock and The Cheesecake Factory with my nephew Joe.

Together we all took a sunset boat tour. It has been years since we have taken this ride and it was gorgeous.

The boys spent lots of time laughing and bonding while playing XBOX.

We went to the Taste of Lincoln Park since the beaches were closed after heavy rainfall.

We visited Starved Rock State Park for the first time.

Of course we had to take Izzy. She had a great time! She came home and was ready to play ball. She doesn't tire easily.

Also, thanks to my mom who sent the olive green fondue pot we grew up with (full of chocolate!) to enjoy after a long day. So many happy memories were enjoyed around it growing up and were shared at my home last week.