Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm a User

I am now officially a user of Enbrel. The first shot went smoothly and the home nurse sent out by Enbrel said I did "excellent".

I signed up for Enbrel support and received my needle box yesterday. Unfortunately I signed up after paying my $50 copay. But hey, insurance saved me $1910 for a 30 supply so $50 seems like pocket change, right? As part of the Enbrel support the next six months will be copay free and then just a $10 copay afterwards. Enbrel has called several times to make sure everything is okay and let me know about their free services. At first this was nice but is now starting to feel a little freaky. Last night Walgreens Speciality Pharmacy called to see if they could be my "middleman". As my "middleman" they would call and remind me when it is time for refills and then set them up for me. I told them I can handle that part on my own. Poor Methotrexate never got this kind of royal treatment. Hopefully this drug lives up to all the attention it is getting.