Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Office Party

A week ago Saturday was Steve’s office party. It was fun. As he introduced me to his colleagues, I felt like each person was a character in a book because I hear so many stories about each of them. Seeing their faces is like going to a movie and being a little surprised that they don’t look as you imagined.

Whenever we eat anywhere except home I worry about consuming foods I have eliminated. I was in luck with this party. Everything was served “family style” so I skipped the pasta and breaded chicken and stuck with the salad, salmon and steak. Yummy.

We ended up not staying for the dance. We have been getting up around 5am to work out and we are both beat by 10pm. But we had fun dressing up, eating good food, drinking free wine, and socializing with Steve’s co-workers. 

When we got home from the party, Sophia asked how it went. Steve replied, “Cathy was the prettiest one there.” Seriously, this man makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive. In our many years together, it has always been that way.
*Yes, that is me in heels!  I was totally surprised that I could wear them all evening.  I have never been a "heel wearing gal", even pre-RA, so this was a step outside my comfort zone.  Since feeling better, I am trying to move out of my comfort zone more often.  It is fun.