Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hiking In Vibram Five Fingers

Although I have said "I love my Vibram Five Fingers" before, I really mean it now. After hiking in them on Friday through mud, water, and rocks I have a totally new appreciation for them.  As I hung onto a dog that was much faster than me and didn't hesitate pulling me down steep inclines, I found that the grip on these shoes is awesome. I felt my toes at work gripping the ground and slowing me down. My ankles felt free to move with my feet which is such a different experience than when wearing tennis shoes.  Walking through water was wonderful. Generally with shoes the water stays with you squishing around for a while, but not so with the Vibrams. It was just like walking through water barefoot, although I think the shoes kept my feet a little warmer. I did walk through a few mud puddles which I haven't done in years and that heavy feeling of shoes sinking down into the mud wasn't there either. These shoes are super light.  One of the best things was when I got home I was able to throw the shoes into the wash and today they are good as new!

It was so fun to squish my feet into the mud.

Alexander wanted to explore this sandy area and I followed right behind him without any problems.  

My ankles moved with ease as we climbed over tree trunks.

When I saw how much fun Izzy was having in the water, I had to splash around a bit myself.   

Before jumping into the car, I washed my legs of dirt and grime and did a quick dry.