Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visualization is Key

To me, visualizing yourself as HEALTHY is the number one thing you can do for yourself when dealing with a chronice disease like rheumatoid arthritis.  My journey with rheumatoid arthritis has gone in many directions: medication, accupuncture, diet, supplements, physical therapy, and much more.  The one thing that has remained constant through my journey is me seeing myself as healthy.  Without that visualization, I don't believe I would be feeling as good as I do these days. 

Despite the pain I have felt in the past, visualizing myself healthy doing the things I love to do kept me going each and every day.  Sometimes the intensity and length of time the pain stayed with me blocked my ability to visualize myself healthy and my family needed to step in and visualize for me until I could do it alone again.  I remember feeling extreme pain yet a smile growing on my face as I saw myself once again do big things bike riding and taking long walks with my border collie or smaller things like jumping out of bed in the morning without stiff joints or taking a bath again without my husband having to be home to get me out.  Visualize yourself in a healthy place.  Draw pictures of yourself doing it, take pictures of things you want to do, do whatever it takes to keep that picture in your mind and look at it often.   I sincerely believe that we become what we visualize.    

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What do you visualize your healthy self doing?