Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bike Riding Continues!

Yesterday our plans for today changed. We were planning on getting up early and heading from the suburbs to Chicago to bike ride along the lake all day. We planned to start at Lincoln Park Zoo and follow the path down to Buckingham Fountain and then back. Then I realized yesterday that the Chicago Air and Water Show is going on this weekend. I was really disappointed. We haven't taken our bikes downtown all summer. But, instead of giving up our riding time completely, we decided to postpone that bike ride for two weeks (my mom visits next weekend) and instead to go to a forest preserve we haven't been to in a while. It is a shorter ride but still fun and gives us time to do some other things today.

The path we took today was pretty congested so the ride was slower than some of our other rides through forest preserves, but that just gave us more time to view the scenery! We saw about ten elk and one that was nursing. It was adorable. We shared the path with walkers, roller bladers, other bikers, fisherman, old people, young people, fat people, skinny people, couples, groups and singles. I enjoy seeing the variety of people that get outside to relax and enjoy nature, especially when you consider this preserve is about one to two miles outside of the Village of Schaumburg which is crazy busy with shopping, businesses and lots of traffic.

Today is in the high 80's so shade was good for everyone! (I know Wichita family...we have turned into wimps when we can't handle high 80's to low 90's. I am so ashamed.)

We decided not to stop and take pictures of the water, trees, paths, etc today but I did snap quick photos of my favorite fellow bike riders.

Alexander with his new Kona. Alexander and Steve always make sure all of our bikes are packed and unpacked. Thanks guys!

Sophia who moved up to Alexander's bike but will probably need a new bike by next summer the way she is growing. She is as tall as me. (Okay, I know 5'0 is not a great feat but I am not ready to be the shortest in the family.)

Steve adjusting the seat on Contessa (my bike). He always takes good care of me!

We have another ride planned for tomorrow. I am taking full advantage of my break from joint pain and making sure I enjoy the warm weather before it is gone.