Friday, November 5, 2010

Paleo Diet is About More Than Just Food

During the last few months I have become a Robb Wolf addict.  I have been listening to all of his podcasts and recently finished his book The Paleo Solution.  Not only do I love his ideas about eating and life, I find his personality fun. 

What I have taken from this recent addiction is the following:
  • Avoid grains, legumes and dairy.
  • Avoid gluten like the plague.
  • Eat plenty of protein sources from free range providers.
  • Eat local organic veggies.
  • Eat good fats and plenty of them!
Robb Wolf suggests trying this diet for 30 days and if you "look, feel, and perform better" than continue.  If you don't, then move on!  I use a similar saying with my kids, "You know your body best.  How do you feel? "  When I listen to my body, I know this feels right not only physically, but philosophically.

Besides giving great advice on diet, Robb Wolf and other paleo sites I have visited talk about a few other essentials to healing:
  • Get LOTS of sleep!
  • Things won't make you happy!
  • Get out and PLAY!
I listened to Robb Wolf's podcast #52 this afternoon where he talks a little about "burn-out". He shares how he and his wife have found fun things to do together outside of the realm of their business. As I was listening, I thought, "This is why Steve and I are always excited about the weekends. It isn't that we hate our jobs (we both actually like our jobs a lot), but that the weekend generally allows for more playfulness." The two of us have always had a strong need to be playful with each other (I assume every couple does, sometimes they just let the craziness of life take over) and when we don't allow time for it, we can always feel it.

As I continue to grow and learn more about nutrition and health, I learn more about other areas of my life that need a little tweaking.  I have the food part down for the most part and although I have always enjoyed play and sleep, I find that as my schedule gets busier and busier, I have to work hard at making sure these two things happen.  This weekend we don't have much of anything planned.  After a couple of days this week in a flare, I think my body is telling me that it deserves some extra sleep and play.  I can't wait!

I recently started reading a book titled, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. So far, I love it and can't wait to share more as I get deeper into the book. It confirms many of the ideas that have become a foundation for my homeschooling philosophy.