Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

For the first time in 14 years, Steve and I planned an overnight trip alone without kids.   We didn't go far, just thirty miles away to a hotel located in downtown Chicago, but it felt like we were far away from home and all responsibilities.  I hope to have many more date nights like this with my husband.

Steve made reservations at a steakhouse a couple of blocks from the hotel, but with the windchill around -15, I  couldn't handle the cold, especially in a dress and heels.  Instead, we stopped at the Italian restaurant right outside of the hotel that just happened to have a gluten free menu.  Less fancy, but still incredibly enjoyable.

Here we are in the hotel.  I am wearing one of the dresses that Steve bought for me last month.  He saw me when I tried it on at the store but surprised me once again by being in total awe of how I looked in the dress.  I honestly have the sweetest guy ever.  I want to wear dresses all the time now!  Also, I am carrying a purse given to me by my grandma.  When I was a little girl, I would ask her if we could go visit the purses in her basement.  She would always satisfy my need to see them.  Together we would walk down the stairs.  I knew exactly where they were located, but never walked ahead of her.  I always respected that it was her job to get the box of purses down and share them with me.  Inside the box were about five purses she used during her younger days when she and my grandpa went out partying.  Several years before she died she told me she had something special for me.  She wanted me to have her purses.  This has always been a gift that I have treasured like no other.  I still get them down from my closet occasionally and just starting using them in December when we attended holiday parties.  I am guessing they are around 60-70 years old and still absolutely beautiful.